How can I help?

Developmental Support

With this type of editing assistance, I will look at the overall structure, organization, and message embedded in your writing, and provide feedback that you can use to move forward with your next draft. Questions I will address may include:

  • Is the organization logical?
  • Do the ideas clearly flow from one into the other?
  • Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
  • Do any sections need to be expanded, minimized, or eliminated?

Developmental support is best provided during the early stages of a project, when it is easier to make major revisions. This work is very personalized and the time required will vary depending on the length of the project and the stage of writing you are in.

Pricing: $30/hour

Copy Editing

You are ready for a copy edit once your draft has been thoroughly revised by you (and perhaps a few willing volunteers). Although copy editing focuses primarily on the mechanics of writing, there is a lot of overlap with general revision. As I’m reading your work, I will make suggestions for improvement where I see an opportunity and also highlight the parts of your writing that work especially well. After all, we benefit as much from praise as from critique (perhaps more)!

A copy edit will include some or all of the following:

  • Fix and improve overall grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and verb tense
  • Ensure proper paragraph structure and organization
  • Note areas that are vague, confusing, repetitive, or unnecessary
  • Look for errors in continuity and consistency

Pricing: .02 – .03 cents per word ($20/1000 words to $30/1000 words), dependent on the extent of copy editing needed

I will provide a detailed quote after discussing your project with you and having a chance to read a portion of your draft.


Once your project has been professionally copy edited, it is ready for the final touch up. This is where I catch all those tiny mistakes that have a tendency to distract the reader from your message. Here’s what you can expect I will do as your proofreader:

  • Catch any remaining spelling or punctuation errors
  • Ensure proper format is maintained by looking at details such as spacing, indents, title and subtitle styles
  • Check the continuity of chapter titles, use of abbreviations and terms, and style used with numbers and dates

Pricing: .015 cents per word ($15/1000 words)

For smaller projects an hourly fee may make more sense, in which case my $30/hour rate would apply.